Ian Curtis's Gravestone Robbed From Cemetery

Ian Curtis's Gravestone Robbed From Cemetery
The gravestone of late Joy Division front-man Ian Curtis has been stolen from his burial place, Macclesfield Cemetery. Details are a little scarce, but according to Chesire Police, the stone was taken from his plot some time between yesterday afternoon (July 1) and this morning (July 2). Authorities are asking anyone with information about the robbery or the location of the marker to contact the department.

The iconic gravestone features the inscription "Ian Curtis 18 - 5 - 80" and the words "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and has become a rather famous landmark visited by thousands of fans each year since the 23-year-old singer committed suicide back in 1980 on the eve of Joy Division's U.S. tour.

A police spokesman gave a statement about the robbery, saying: "There is no CCTV in the area and there are no apparent leads as to who is responsible for the theft. This is a very unusual theft and I am confident that someone locally will have knowledge about who is responsible or where the memorial stone is at present."

Curtis's life was recently portrayed and examined in the recent films Control and Joy Division.

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