I Hate Sally Split

I Hate Sally Split
Kingston, ON's most successful metalcore ever have decided to pack it in. Despite signing to Vagrant's Density imprint last year to re-release 2007's Don't Worry, Lady, I Hate Sally recently decided to call it quits via their MySpace page. Citing nothing in particular as the reason, the band state that "I'm sure you can get all the dirt from the soon to be released IHS bio."

Here is the colourful farewell:

As everyone has come to suspect (well, our moms) we will no longer be playing live. Come to think of it, we won't be writing anymore music either. Oh shit! Our band is breaking up!

We got to play Germany, release two full-length records, blow up lots of vans, get bad beer guts... we were a band for over 7 years, lots of crap happened, I'm sure you can get all the dirt from the soon to be released IHS bio (ha, no).

Want a $10 t-shirt, last call? [email protected] for info. Want us to play in your town? Sorry, no can do. What'll we be doing with our pathetic lives now? Mcgee finally got a try out with the Raptors, Dee will be making select appearances on Degrassi Next Generation, Dan will go back to his Santa gig at the mall, Marc will attempt to gain 322 pounds so he can fit into his King Kong Bundy wrestling outfit he scored in grade 4.

If we ever broke anything of yours, woke your house-mates up when we crashed at your place, or made fun of your pants and/or bad hair and/or bad taste in music and/or non-Canadian accents, we are ever-so-truly-by-all-means-so-so-extremely sorry.

And finally, of course, a legit thanks to anyone reading this that knows they played some part in it all. Being a band for so long was made a lot easier with some good help and great friends.
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I Hate Sally "Hannah Hannah"