BY Ashley HampsonPublished Mar 14, 2019

With their signing to [PIAS] records, Viennese electronic duo HVOB have released their fourth album, Rocco, and their first double record. The album's narrative moves through farewells, letting go and new beginnings, and this storytelling is reflected in the diverse sounds found on Rocco.
The album balances melodic electronic tracks like the gorgeous single "Bloom" — a fragile track that grows slowly with breathy vocals from Anna Müller and gossamer synths that come together in a weighty culmination — and aggressive dance floor bangers that fall on the industrial side, like "Butter."
It's when the two styles come together with soulful vocals, melancholic keys, thoughtful melodies and blistering dance floor beats that the intricacies of HVOB's Rocco are heard. Both "Tykwer" and "Zinc" exemplify this, starting off with dark, gritty synths and a 4/4 beat, but pulling in those vocals and melodies from Müller, effectively softening the tracks while keeping their strength, and showing the best of what the album has to offer.

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