Husband and Knife Husband and Knife

Welcome Back to the Nothingness of Your Life Husband and Knife is the hauntingly taut, dark folk creation of Halifax’s KC Spidle. Barebones arrangements and gracefully strained vocals paint apposite soundscapes to complement the suitably titled Welcome Back to the Nothingness of Your Life. This album is a scarred collage of death and drugs, self-destruction and urban grit. As the first few chords are strummed on album opener "Career Suicide,” a dim tone sets in that remains compelling despite all of its down-and-out atmospherics. "Had to Die” and "Rescue” are mumbling, rambling songs that sound restrained, like they’re holding something back and yet they seem to hang in the air, making an impact that goes beyond volume and flare. Playing out at just under 25 minutes, Welcome Back is a salient debut that reflects like a broken mirror and digs in deep like fingernails on flesh. One more note or lyric would be unnecessary, and yet even though Welcome Back is just enough, it leaves you wanting so much more. (Divorce)