Humans 'Tour De Ciel' (mixtape) / "De Ciel" (Thomas Cade remix)

Humans 'Tour De Ciel' (mixtape) / 'De Ciel' (Thomas Cade remix)
The Scion Sessions have kept the new music coming in 2013, and this continues with some new goodies from Humans in the form of an exclusive mix and a Thomas Cade remix.

The Vancouver electronic duo put together a synth-driven, danceable 48-minute mix. It's called Tour De Ciel, and the band described it like this in a statement: "This is a mix to take you places — it's for driving, biking or riding. It's to get you into the mindset of that summer destination — the beach, the cabin, the campsite; all of the above. Think of it as a reset button. It will help you melt away the stress of all those city rectangles. Keep in mind though — sometimes the journey is the best part..."

As for the remix by the Toronto/UK-based Thomas Cade, he transformed Humans' thudding, minimal dance-pop track "De Ciel" into a slow-moving, eerily pulsing mood piece that sounds a bit like it's being played underwater.

Humans and Cade are performing with Beta Frontiers in Toronto on August 2 at Parts & Labour. Get more information here.