The Humanoids …Are Dead

It seems only natural that a band with a name like the Humanoids would be capable of acting as a time machine back to the days when pop punk was best served in sweaty basements, with a side of fast-paced, but light-hearted, aggression. The Humanoids’ Are Dead is an eight-song EP filled with classic pop punk melody and bursts of hardcore-style energy sure to surprise anyone who grew up with now-veteran bands like the Descendents or Dag Nasty and inspire those who may not have been so lucky. It won’t be hard for this young St. Louis, MO five-piece to prove themselves among other Midwestern gems (and obvious influences) like Dillinger Four. The only flaw in these 14 minutes of songs worth adding to your soundtrack for growing up is that they leave you wanting more. No word yet on whether a full-length is in the works, but one can only hope. (Red Leader)