Human Kebab Impossible Songs

Human Kebab and DJ partner DCHAP have released a demo EP of dark, industrial emo rap punctuated by wickedly funny punch lines and wordplay. Their self-proclaimed garage rap is a marriage of gritty, guitar-heavy beats, slick vinyl slicing, and distorted vocals that can’t be blamed on just a shitty mic. Over the middle four of the EP’s six tracks, Human Kebab raps about a relationship with a mysterious girl that ended badly. On "I Care About You,” he raps, "You were my baby, and I was your Patrick Swayze / Point Break-up, you couldn’t persuade me,” details the reasons behind the break-up on "Wedding’s Off,” and kicks her out on "Your Movin’ Out.” "Garrity” is just a little more venting on his well-travelled ex. At one or two verses each, they’re short and to the point and these venomous outpourings of emotion are delivered with humorous similes and wordplay that’s simply brilliant — or is that brilliantly simple? The book-ending tracks demonstrate a little more versatility; opener "Darkest Hour” is a scathing diss to an unnamed individual (and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it being the ex-girlfriend), and closer "Stationary Robbery” is a funky, braggadocio rap track with the Human as a pen thief. Too bad it’s all so damn short. (Independent)