Human Agony

Goring Christ

BY Brayden TurennePublished Dec 10, 2018

It's almost humorous that Canada is one of the most well-spoken countries in the world, and yet arguably produces some of the most hateful and inhuman sounding music to breach the ears of metal fans. Going back to the foundational work of Blasphemy and Conquerer, the war metal genre, one of, if not the least welcoming subgenres in music, hinges on the Canadian legacy that is still gestating to this day in bands such as Human Agony.
One of Victoria, BC's best-kept secrets in the underground, Human Agony have been waging localized assaults in both Canada and the U.S, gradually making a name for themselves as a quality sonic terror outfit. Goring Christ is testament to the band's growing popularity amongst diehards and maniacs as a true force to be feared.
As soon as the intro abates and shit hits the fan with "Humiliating Nazarenic Corpse," one finds themselves simultaneously oppressed and deeply engrossed. Instrumentation is primitive and frantic, yet still manages to churn out magnetic riffs that grip the listener tight against the barrage. Combined with various tempo changes within songs such as the scathingly fierce "Human Pig Execution Ritual" going from high speed blast attacks to a more muddy, "wading through gore" pace, Human Agony avoid stagnation and repetition, which is arguably more difficult in war metal than most other subgenres.
Leaving out the fact that this is Human Agony's first release, Goring Christ is just a great bestial war metal album. It checks all the hallmarks of the style, but somehow is its own creature, not falling into becoming an all-too-common Blasphemy/Revenge clone.
(Invictus Productions)

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