The Huguenots Discography

Not unlike the Refused and a number of forward-thinking bands that were victims of untimely demises, thanks to the general population being way behind the curve (read: not "getting” it until it’s too late), the Huguenots were the next step in the evolution of crossover from the obvious metallic influence of early D.R.I. and Disrupt albums. As evidenced on this 16-track single-disc compilation of their entire recorded output, the Huguenots sound was a more frenetic and chaotic form of hardcore, which would eventually morph into what is now revered in the all-too-in-vogue post-hardcore scene. However, during the ’90s this style was virtually non-existent when Kurt Ballou, Aaron Stuart, Dan Colby and Matt Oates had yet to establish themselves in the likes of Converge, Piebald and the Explosion. This meant that no boundaries, expectations or clichés were present and the end result was an unhampered attack, unbridled attitude, experimentation and an almost tongue-in-cheek aggression. Hyperactive to the point of ADD, this eponymous effort hones Nine Shocks Terror and Charles Manson into more palatable blasts of vigour. The Huguenots may be virtually unknown to the crowd that should embrace them but as the old axiom states, "better late than never.” (Hydra Head)