Howling Hex "Mountain" (video) (dir. by Fred Armisen)

Howling Hex 'Mountain' (video) (dir. by Fred Armisen)
Have you heard the news? Neil Michael Hagerty and his Howling Hex are just about to release an album called Denver. Helping spread awareness, Fred Armisen has put together a music video for the record's "Mountain" that takes a behind-the-scenes look at an Icelandic news team.

A press release explains that the Portlandia star recently went to Iceland, and spent some time at a local news station. The video, synced up to Howling Hex's riff-slinging whimsy, finds newscasters staring at cue cards while assorted crew members try to rig up some lights. Spicing up the humdrum, Armisen uses a series of quick cuts and vintage, block-y wipes.

You'll find the video below, while Howling Hex's Denver drops this Friday (April 15) via Drag City.