Neil Michael Hagerty's Howling Hex Return with 'Denver'

Neil Michael Hagerty's Howling Hex Return with 'Denver'
While it's unclear if the revived Royal Trux will make any new music anytime soon, Neil Michael Hagerty has at least revealed that his long-running Howling Hex have another album release on the horizon. Titled Denver, it arrives April 15 via Drag City.

The new album marks the first full-length from the Howling Hex since 2013's The Best of the Howling Hex, which, bear in mind, was not a greatest-hits package.

A press release explains that the forthcoming nine-song set follows the "rock'n'roll alchemy" of more recent vinyl singles, employing "the modding-up of ethnic idioms from regional traditional American sounds and the refitting of these rhythms with expressions of new youth, reckless within the contemporary lifestyle."

More directly, it notes that Denver features a mix of beats supporting the "gnarl of Neil's classic guitar playing."

While samples from the set have yet to go live, a tracklisting can be found below. Pre-orders can be found over here.


1. City Song
2. Colfax West
3. Random Friends
4. Canyon
5. Mountain
6. Time Gives
7. Look Out
8. Guided Missiles
9. 300 Days of Sunshine