Hot Water Music Ready 'Live in Chicago'

Hot Water Music Ready 'Live in Chicago'
Last week, Floridian punkers Hot Water Music revealed that they would be releasing their first new material in several years, not to mention hinted at the possibility of a new album sometime in the future. But there's actually another record in the works for fans to get excited about. Hot Water Music have announced an upcoming concert set called Live in Chicago.

Recorded in February of 2008 at Windy City club the Metro, many of the live tracks were spread out over a series of seven-inches on No Idea Records, but the label has now collected the whole gig as a massive three-LP/double-CD package.

You can check out the tracklisting, a vast and varied exploration of their back catalogue, from seven-inch cuts like "Moonpies for Misfits" to solid album-based bangers like "No Division" below.

Live in Chicago comes out September 27 on No Idea.

Thanks to Punknews for the tip.

Live in Chicago

1. "A Flight and a Crash"
2. "Remedy"
3. "Wayfarer"
4. "Trusty Chords"
5. "Jack of All Trades"
6. "Rooftops"
7. "End of a Gun"
8. "Better Sense"
9. "Kill The Night"
10. "Instrumental"
11. "Free Radio Gainesville"
12. "Giver"
13. "All Heads Down"
14. "Moonpies for Misfits"
15. "God Deciding"
16. "I Was on a Mountain"
17. "No Division"
18. "Just Don't Say You Lost It"
19. "Old Rules"
20. "Swinger"
21. "Our Own Way"
22. "Choked and Separated"
23. "Manual"
24. "Paper Thin"
25. "Turnstile"
26. "220 Years"
27. "The Sense"
28. "Alachua"
29. "Position"
30. "Hard To Know"