Hot Water Music "Drag My Body" (video)

Hot Water Music 'Drag My Body' (video)
Hot Water Music head out on tour later this month in support of their 2012 set Exister, their first studio album in eight years. A new video for LP track "Drag My Body" serves to promote both the disc and the trip.

Considering the band's emotional and anthemic amp-cranker, it only makes sense that the video is a bit of a heart-tugger too. In it, you see an old barfly trying to make ends meet selling art on the street and blood at a clinic. He favours a local tavern that clearly doesn't want him there, with a young bartender scribbling the message "go away bum" on a napkin before shoving it under his nose.

Despite this, he keeps over-tipping the gal with his accumulated hundos, which serves to make the girl rightfully feel like shit once she connects the dots. You can see for yourself down below.

Hot Water Music's winter tour brings them to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and you can check the dates here.