Hot Garbage Announce New Album 'Precious Dream'

Listen to new single "Snooze You Lose"

BY Nika Petrosian Published Oct 12, 2023

Four-piece Toronto psych group Hot Garbage have announced their second album Precious Dreams, scheduled to be released  January 19, 2024, via Mothland. Along with the announcement, the group have also released their latest single, "Snooze You Lose," with an accompanying music video.

Like 2021's Ride, Hot Garbage dive deeper into their brutalist, post-punk and psychedelia roots at full throttle with their new album — something made overwhelmingly clear by "Snooze You Lose" alone, which busts the door open in a barrage of distortion, feedback and maniacal laughter.

"It's about how time passes when you stand still. Sometimes all you can do is laugh," the band said of the single.

Meanwhile, the accompanying music video is almost paradoxical, bringing an incredibly lo-fi feel to an otherwise ominous and annihilatory track.

"The video, with a budget of under $50 (mostly spent on fake blood), was shot on a cheap plastic toy camera and uses homemade props and movements from the camera and lights," said director Alejandro Carlevaris.

Watch the video below.

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