Hot Chip Teams Up with 'Peanuts' for Clothing Line

Hot Chip Teams Up with 'Peanuts' for Clothing Line
This winter, Charles M. Schulz' iconic Peanuts characters will return to the big screen with The Peanuts Movie. But how do you merchandise for a film when your characters have been on half of the world's toys, t-shirts and greeting cards for decades? With weird fashion collaborations, of course. That's where UK dance pop group Hot Chip come into play.

The group have teamed up with fashion house TSPTR to bring the collaborations to life (with the official Peanuts blessing). Rather than pair thematic Hot Chip lyrics with images of Charlie Brown and the gang, however, they've just plopped their band name on some crewnecks alongside iconic cartoon images of the characters.

On their website, the band wrote, "Now you too can sport your favourite Peanuts character whose thoughts have seemingly been infiltrated by your favourite Hot Chip song lyrics – and one of Snoopy's own declarations: 'To Live Is To Dance, To Dance Is To Live!'"

It still seems like a bit of a bizarre team-up, but then again, why make sense? The limited Hot Chip/Peanuts shirts are available here. Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Watch the trailer for The Peanuts Movie here.