Hot Chip "Flutes" (video)

Hot Chip 'Flutes' (video)
Do you get motion sickness? No, really, do you? If yes, you might want to pass on the nausea-inducing clip for Hot Chip's "Flutes."

Honestly, the song, which will appear on the troupe's upcoming In Our Heads LP, is disorienting enough with its dizzying club beat and sun-warped synth lines; the video's grainy studio footage, which cycles around the room frenetically as the group do some knob twiddlng, might just cause a full-scale barf-a-rama.

If you've got a strong stomach, by all means knock yourself out with this one. If you were the kind of kid that upchucked in the Octopus ride at the local carnival (before the ride even started, mind you), you might want to just lie down on the couch with a box of saltines and a pack of Gravol instead.

As previously reported, In Our Heads arrives June 12 through Domino.