Horses / Prevenge Horses / Prevenge

Two of Ontario and Quebec's better (and woefully under-appreciated) punk bands square off with this seven-inch split, boasting the excellent "Moses Coady" from Toronto, ON's Horses and "Excellent Physician" and "It Won't Protect You" from Montreal's Prevenge. Horses, a band that have made their name by melding the precise lyricism of great songwriters like Warren Zevon with the mid-tempo punk drive of bands like American Steel, offer another sharp, catchy addition to their back catalogue with "Moses Coady." The newer Prevenge burst out of the gate with "Excellent Physician," a gritty Quebecois interpretation of the classic Gainesville sound. "It Won't Protect You" further cements the band's tendency towards anthemic pop punk in the vein of Gunmoll or fellow Montrealers Fifth Hour Hero, but meaner. Both bands spit awesome. (Pavones)