Mod Club, Toronto ON, August 10

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Paula ReidPublished Aug 11, 2016

UK duo HONNE have said it before: they tend to see a lot of couples come out to their shows. Last night (August 10) at Toronto's Mod Club was no different, but that shouldn't be a surprise, as their recently released album, Warm on a Cold Night, is made up of love songs.
HONNE's band — including a drummer, bass player and back up singer, with James Hatcher on keyboard and Andy Clutterbuck grabbing the guitar at times — had undeniable chemistry, and combined for powerful onstage energy. They began with the titular opening track of their album, as the projectors on both ends of the stage displaying their band name lit up the venue. Lead singer Andy's vocals were smooth and soulful while singing his endearing lyrics, heightening the sense of love already present in the room.

It's easy to label HONNE's emotional songs as cheesy, but they make it look cool to tell someone how you feel. Everyone in the crowd danced to the groovy "Good Together" and "It Aint Wrong Loving You," Andy all the while moving swiftly back and forth on stage with a confidence and sincerity that suggested he firmly believes in what he's singing about, and would say these charming words to someone special if given the chance.

Opening act Jones, who made an appearance on HONNE's Gone Are the Days (Shimokita Import) EP track "No Place Like Home" and soothed the audience into a romantic mood earlier in the night made her way back on stage to join HONNE for an intimate rendition of their song together.

After wrapping up their main set, Andy and James started their encore with a track they announced was "for the ladies," creating a bonding moment for the crowd by asking everyone to put their arm around one another and sway together. James finally stepped away from his keyboard and blasted the audience with a guitar solo during "All In the Value."

While the duo didn't take their tracks in any incredibly imaginative directions, it's obvious they have fun on stage and can get a crowd moving. It was a safe but satisfying set.

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