Worms and Dirt

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jun 20, 2012

Homewrecker's latest release, Worms and Dirt, opens with a sound clip in which a lady suggests a band are corrupting the young in her society. As the music builds up over her concerns, she says, "Their Satanic music and subversive lyrics threaten to undermine the very fabric of our society. Would you care to hear some of their propaganda?" Fortunately, the listener is given no choice, as the song explodes into the Homewrecker's brand of heavy, metallic hardcore. The ensuing title track perfectly encapsulates the album's sound, an audio car crash between Harm's Way and A389 label-mates Full of Hell, whose vocalist, Dylan Walker, contributes his roar to "Chained Hanging Victim." Homewrecker don't leave behind the heavy, Neanderthal-esque beat downs of the former, but add the speed and grind influences of the latter. From start to finish, Worms and Dirt is heavy on both ends of the spectrum and, if this is propaganda, the band can expect many converts, as you'd be foolish to ignore an album this punishing.

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