Hell Is Here Now

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Apr 25, 2018

Homewrecker's third full-length, Hell Is Here Now, uses the foundations of thrash and death metal while coating each track with a hardcore flair. The Ohio band's latest record offers up plenty of fast-paced double-kicks, d-beats and scorching thrash riffs in the vein of legends like Obituary, Death and Entombed.
The record has an old-school underground metal vibe without coming across as nostalgic imitation. Tracks like "One With Torment" or "Constant Eyes" sound like a hardcore band covering Slayer, mixing classic thrash elements with breakdowns and gang vocals. The band stir up some anxiety with a blaring siren carried over from the outro of "Buried In Suffering" into the beginning of "Land of the Damned," leading into a flurry of triplet riffs, pounding drums and a guest feature from Vein vocalist Anthony DiDio.
While the band succeed in repping their influences throughout, they also find space to add some personal flair. The band include some sombre, clean moments to "Rope of Skin," "Final Rest" and "Fade to Oblivion" while delivering plenty of chuggy breakdowns and beefy vocals in between throwback thrash riffs. Hell Is Here Now is a fresh take on the foundations of classic death and thrash metal as Homewrecker take a stab at invigorating the extreme metal scene.
(Good Fight)

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