Circle of Death

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Oct 30, 2014

Homewrecker began as a bunch of Ohio punks, who pushed themselves and ended up playing powerviolence. Over time, the group realized maybe that wasn't quite violent enough and began injecting their hardcore foundation with increasingly more metal. That trajectory continues with Circle of Death, on which the slow parts are less mosh-inducing and more a nice break from the whiplash of the deadly thrashfest. They encourage headbanging in half-time rather than at their regular playing speed, which is so fast here it could begin looking like a seizure.

Homewrecker in 2014 sounds like fellow Ohioans Ringworm playing Death's Scream Bloody Gore and Repulsion's Horrified after listening to a bit of At the Gates. The Gothenburg influence is especially evident in the leads of "Punish the Ignorance," while proof that death and grindcore grew out of thrash is evident throughout. The band's punk background is evident on the obligatory anti-police song "Skin the Pig," complete with a buildup that swells and breaks with a grunt of "PIG!" Reassigning the vocal responsibilities to the band's Matts (guitarist Barnum and drummer Izzi) perfectly complements their metallized maturation.

Circle of Death is still noticeably Homewrecker; it manages to be as heavy as Worms and Dirt, just in a different way. If the circle of life enables evolution, then the Circle of Death is the end result.

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