Holy Mountain Entrails

Following up their vinyl to CD Bloodstains Across Your Face In Decline collection in just a few short months, non-death metal Floridian extremists the Holy Mountain (please, no Sleep references) return with Entrails and run roughshod over every unwashed punker at the basement show in the process, and their dogs too. While Bloodstains collected various vinyl offerings, meaning that despite the harsh battering and fury, at times it seemed a little sonically thin, Entrails is thick right out of the gates, showing the disparity with its increased heaviness. However, while the production is heavier, have no fear, as the same unrestrained abandon, filthy vocals, crust-punk thrash, metal moments, fleeting stoner bits and utter abrasive rampage is not only just as strong, it’s better, being faster, noisier, yet catching your ear more than Bloodstains. Sure, they don’t exactly innovate the style, and may have a while to go to be at the ubiquitous patch level of His Hero Is Gone in their prime, but with bad mosh calls dominating the hardcore scene, something this abrasively real has to count. (No Idea)