Holy Moses

Agony of Death

BY Bill WhishPublished Oct 7, 2008

Long before a mainstream audience thought it was cool that a female was the new vocalist for Arch Enemy there was Holy Moses, who have been fronted by vocalist Sabina Classen far longer than Arch Enemy have had Angela. Holy Moses are an example of how Europe loves metal so much more than North America. Flying generally under the radar with listeners over here (compared to Arch Enemy), Holy Moses’s brand of traditional thrash still draws huge audiences in Europe, as evidenced by their warm reception at this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival. This is their 11th release since their inception in 1980 and what you get is a great sample of old-school riffage and tone all tied together by Classen. Her vocals could be mistaken for Chuck Schuldiner on early Death albums and with the fury unleashed by the band behind her, fans of acts from the glory days of death metal (Death, Morbid Angel, etc) will certainly get a kick out of Holy Moses.

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