Holy Grinder Chain of Revenge

Holy Grinder Chain of Revenge
Toronto, ON's Holy Grinder are back with their new release, Chain of Revenge. Once again working with Fuck the Facts' Topon Das at his Apartment 2 studio, the band's followup to 2018's Cult of Extermination sees a rebirth of sorts for Holy Grinder.
After several member shifts over the past year, the noise grinders now boast a lineup that includes two bassists, as well as a new vocalist. The result is an extremely raw and visceral sound that is even more chaotic and intense than their previous material.
Piercing noise starts off "Gag Ritual" before dense, brash tones kick in on "Terminally Local." It's clear from the first two tracks that this release features more of a focus on noise elements, as well as much more dynamic, angst-filled vocals and more personal, thought-provoking lyrical content.
"Play God" is an anxiety-inducing barrage, while the subdued noise track "Womb" offers a breather. The title track slowly builds things back up and the release ends with "Flesh Prison II," which is a track from Holy Grinder's debut, Eradicate All Scum, that has been re-recorded with the new lineup.
Chain of Revenge is harsh and suffocating throughout, and finds the revamped band honing their sound and really coming into their own. (Independent)