The Holy Gasp "How I Get Down" on Exclaim! TV

The Holy Gasp 'How I Get Down' on Exclaim! TV
If you've ever happened to wonder what a genre called "Damn-the-Man beatnik revival conga revolution-core" sounds like, Toronto's own The Holy Gasp certainly have you covered. A trip to watch the eclectic five-piece rehearse resulted in an incredibly wild Exclaim! TV session.

Taking a trip to their rehearsal space, the group were kind enough to give us a performance of "How I Get Down," the second single from their upcoming record We Really Mean It.

With the rhythm section kicking things off in a decidedly groovy fashion, we hear the voice of frontman Benjamin Hackman snarling out the opening verses, but he remains unseen. It is then that we realize the space is full of balloons, and Hackman rises up out of the pile with a howl before the tune's tempo picks up. His behaviour matches the intensity of his vocal performance, stomping on balloons and violently grabbing hold of saxophone player Christopher Weatherstone who is forced to stifle his laugher. The performance is fittingly finished with more lively antics as Weatherstone hams it up for the camera while Hackman quickly moves about the space, popping any other inflatables that stand in his path.

Watch the performance in the player below. You'll have a chance to catch the band at Caplansky's Deli alongside Montreal's Paul Kasner on October 24 as part of TwiMFeST. Information on the performance can be found here.

Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Bradley Zorgdrager