Holly Herndon "Chorus" (video)

Holly Herndon 'Chorus' (video)
This week marks the release of Chorus, a new 12-inch from electronic composer Holly Herndon. Now, she's shared the video for the record's title track.

The song features samples from Herndon's daily web browsing, and the video takes a similarly obsessive look at the artist's online habits.

Director Akihiko Taniguchi explained the video's concept with the following statement:

I was interested in exploring the textures of daily necessities and the embodiment / physicality of the computer and Internet. One of the most striking contemporary images is that of the desktop capture, which is seen commonly on YouTube as part of software tutorials. I like the shots of desktops that are poorly organized and 'lived-in'.

Referencing one of my earlier pieces 'study of real-time 3D Internet', I considered how it corresponds to the personal environment outside of the screen and how particular it is to my identity and my friend's identities. I asked several friends to photograph their desktop environments and then rendered these images with custom 3D software, shooting video by moving throughout this virtual space. This video is a collection of records of life of friends and their Internet environments.

Watch the video for "Chorus" below. The 12-inch is available now from RVNG Intl.