Hollow Twin

The River Saw Everything

BY Paul BlinovPublished Jan 23, 2018

On The River Saw Everything, Vancouver duo Hollow Twin offer a steady surge of sturdy electric folk. Partly inspired by and dedicated to the memory of bandmember Becky Wosk's father, the EP curves through imagery and sentiment like its titular watercourse, with Wosk and Emmalee Watts powering these five songs with a riptide of harmony and deft lyricism.
The folky march of opener "The Valley" finds an updraft at its synth-boosted bridge, while the quiet sadness of "All We Have" breaks into a cool, healing wash at its chorus. "Night Bells" locks into dream-like tone and imagery, potent and unsettling as it circles and repeats. The standout, "Broken Bones Waltz," is a beautiful and haunting take on a crushing moment of grief.
There's a unifying formidability across these songs, more than on previous releases — on The River Saw Everything, there's a sense of Hollow Twin coming into their own, growing in strength as they expands their range.

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