Hollerado "German Bees" (ft. D-Sisive & Swiss Chris) (video)

Hollerado 'German Bees' (ft. D-Sisive & Swiss Chris) (video)
As Hollerado count down to the March 24 release of their 111 Songs, they've been rolling out tracks from the massive project. The latest of these is "German Bees," which has gotten its own video.

This song is a big departure for the power-pop band, since it's a thumping electro track with guest rapping from D-Sisive and Swiss Chris. It was written for fan Pete Nema as part of Hollerado's custom-song project.

The accompanying video shows the Holleredo guys wearing all-white and getting pelted with a barrage of paint, various sports balls, and even fireworks. It's a bit alarming to watch, but everyone seems to emerge unscathed at the end.

The clip was directed by Brendan McCarney. Watch it below.