Hodgy Beats "dOOrs" / "Resourcefool" / "Loyalty?"

Hodgy Beats 'dOOrs' / 'Resourcefool' / 'Loyalty?'
Let it be known that Hodgy Beats is a man of his word. Earlier this week, the Cali rapper delivered a tweet in which he promised "3 gems" would pop up on his SoundCloud account "in the near." A few days later, he's delivered the goods, and the trio of tracks are streaming now.

First up is "dOOrs," a velvet-lined groove tune filled with soulful hooks, bars about battling demons, and pop references to Monsters Inc. and "Conjunction Junction."

"Resourcefool" is about talking about your feelings before "there's no feelings," and has Hodgy Beats using a melodic flow about a twitchy house beat.

"Loyalty?" bumps along via an old-school, jazzy boom bap, with the rapper serving up a personal missive.

Each track has been labelled as being a "lofi" version, but they all sound pretty smooth. You'll find the tunes below.