Hodgy Beats "Choppedd" / "THANKKSGIVING" / "NOHOOK"

Hodgy Beats 'Choppedd' / 'THANKKSGIVING' / 'NOHOOK'
While Odd Future appear to be on the outs, Hodgy Beats is pressing ahead by releasing three new tracks for his followers.

"Choppedd" and "THANKKSGIVING" are produced by Hodgy Beats' MellowHype collaborator Left Brain. The former has a druggy R&B vibe with its woozy, backmasked beat, while the latter takes a more threatening approach with an old-school-sounding hip-hop beat.

The other track is called "NOHOOK," and it's an uplifting cut with a sweetly grooving piano line. It features P-Lo and, as you'd expect from the title, there's plenty of rapping but no hook.

Hear all three cuts below.