Hilotrons "Tackle the Strand" (video)

Hilotrons 'Tackle the Strand' (video)
Ottawa's Hilotrons recently honoured their home and native land's contribution to the First World War by performing a live score to the film Carry On, Sergeant! But with their forthcoming LP To Trip with Terpsichore on the horizon for 2015, the electro-funk-infused pop act have offered up some visual entertainment of their own.

Fronted by Mike Dubue, the band have paired up with Exclaim.ca to premiere the brand new clip for "Tackle the Strand." The old-timey, black and white footage takes us back in time and depicts Ontario's pattern of consolidating schools to save money.

"It's a history in Ontario (in one of many examples) that shut down farms and killed agriculture in the 1920's when large families moved out of rural districts," said Dubue in a statement. "It continues to threaten the sustained health of our children, as the loss of older schools often means the disappearance of neighbourhood meeting places and green spaces without parks, in order to make way for development."

He closes by sarcastically defining "development" as "condos and foodie culture."

You can catch Hilotrons delivering their music live at the upcoming gigs listed below. Scroll past the dates to watch the message-filled music video premiere of "Tackle the Strand."

Tour dates:

11/27 Toronto, ON - The Piston
11/28 Windsor, ON - The Phog Lounge
11/29 Sarnia, ON - House Concert
11/30 Hamilton, ON - The Casbah