The Highest Order

"Rainbow of Blues" / "The Crying Game" (Dave Berry cover)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 16, 2012

One Hundred Dollars have already spawned the spin-off act Fiver, and now several of the members of the Toronto alt-country group have branched out with a new project called the Highest Order. You can listen to their debut single now.

The band features core One Hundred Dollars members Simone Schmidt, Paul Mortimer and Kyle Porter joined by Simone TB. They recently recorded their debut album with producer Jeff McMurrich, and you can get a taste of it in the form of "Rainbow of Blues" backed by a cover of Dave Berry's "The Crying Game."

A press release explains, "Simone Schmidt's lyrics still paint pictures but this time her words are surrounded by the Highest Order's cosmic world of echo and trem."

These two songs will be released on 7-inch vinyl on November 27, with a release show at the Silver Dollar in Toronto on November 24.

Look for the band's debut LP to arrive in February 2013 via Idée Fixe Records.

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