The Highest Order

'Pinball Session' (live in-studio)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 24, 2013

As promised, the Pinball Sessions have continued to roll out live-in-studio sets from a steady stream of artists, and now this includes Toronto psych-country outfit the Highest Order.

The band, who are led by Simone Schmidt of One Hundred Dollars, performed a few cuts from this year's debut album If It's Real.

According to a blurb from the Pinball Sessions, the band had some fun playing a Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed pinball game while in the studio. The statement explains, "The Highest Order really 'got' the essence of the pinball sessions. All the sessions are fun to record, yet when we happen to find out that a band are true fans of pinball, a kinship of flashing lights, multiballs and healthy competition emerges."

Stream or download the session right here.

Pinball Session:

1. Intro

2. Cosmic Manipulations pt.1

3. Two Hundred Pounds

4. Lonely Weekend

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