High On Fire "Slave to the Hive" (video)

High On Fire 'Slave to the Hive' (video)
The last we checked, rabbits don't live in hives, so the correlation between song and video for High on Fire's WD40-glugging "Slave to the Hive isn't quite a literal experience. The clip is, however, a truly messed-up musing on mind control featuring a freaky pair of highly evolved lagomorph surgeons, and that's good enough for us.

Though the Bay Area trio rip through the motoring metal track all throughout a warehouse, Matt Pike in particular flexing his nine-string skills in an elevator, the focus is put onto all-too-eager human signing his life away to get an "upgrade" at the hands of the bunny duo. The whiskery twosome stick all sorts of wires and slogan-sporting screens into their patient, eventually indoctrinating him into the warren.

You'll find out how exactly he switches teams by giving the video a peep down below.

"Slave to the Hive" is available now on a new tour 7-inch High on Fire are selling on their current North American trek with Kvelertak. The bands hit Edmonton's Starlite Room tonight (December 4) and will be in Calgary and Vancouver by week's end.