High Five Drive Fullblast

One can only assume these Winnipeg, MB punks forgot that there was a pretty popular band from Oakville named the Fullblast, whose furious, fast and technically proficient pop punk sounds a lot like the furious, fast and technically proficient pop punk that High Five Drive play. That or it's a pretty straightforward homage and we missed the point. Regardless, there are worse namesakes and influences, and Fullblast is a catchy and unrelenting collection of guitar-heavy tunage that anyone from the ol' 905 scene could get down to. Despite a lengthy running time and a few minor missteps that kind of sound like rapping ("Our Great War"), High Five Drive stick pretty close to what they're obviously good at: lightning-fast drumming, vaguely cheesy and totally awesome shredding, and catchy choruses about being in a van and things that suck. Right on. (Independent)