Hidden Hand Divine Propaganda

The Hidden Hand is the new vehicle that heavy guitar hero Scott "Wino” Weinrich is currently driving. After the disappointing dissolution of his last outfit, Spirit Caravan, Wino spent a stretch playing hired hand for Palace of Skulls before heading home to Maryland and forming his next musical endeavour. And oh what an endeavour it is. Almost punk-y in places, the Hidden Hand is more aggressive than Spirit Caravan was. Add in a slight political bent to the lyrics (check "Tranquility Base” to see what I mean) and the Hidden Hand might even surpass his old band. With new bassist Bruce Falkinburg and drummer Dave Hennessy in tow, this band rocks with a capital R-O-C-K. Just what the doctor ordered, this is the best Sabbath-inspired rock album so far this year. Fuck yeah. It's nice to have Wino back. (Meteorcity)