The Hidden Cameras Unveil 'Age' LP

The Hidden Cameras Unveil 'Age' LP
Canadian pop collective the Hidden Cameras announced their single "Gay Goth Scene" over the summer, promising that a new album called Age would follow close behind. Sure enough, the Joel Gibb-led group have officially detailed the LP.

An announcement on the band's website confirms that Age will be out in Canada on January 21 via Evil Evil/Outside Music. A worldwide release will follow on January 24 through Evil Evil/Motor Music.

The album consists of a relatively modest eight songs, including "Gay Goth Scene." Most of the tunes are more than four minutes long (and "Afterparty" clocks in at over six minutes).

The tracklist is below and the album cover is above. The previously unveiled video for "Gay Goth Scene" is embedded at the bottom of the page. The album is available to pre-order at iTunes, where curious parties can listen to brief preview clips of all the songs.


1. Skin & Leather

2. Bread for Brat

3. Doom

4. Gay Goth Scene

5. Afterparty

6. Carpe Jugular

7. Ordinary Over You

8. Year of the Spawn