The Hidden Cameras Release 7-Inch in Advance of 'Age' LP

> Jul 04 2013

The Hidden Cameras Release 7-Inch in Advance of 'Age' LP
By Alex HudsonIt's been four long years since the Hidden Cameras released their last album, 2009's Origin:Orphan, but they recently reemerged with a Snowblink-featuring Duran Duran cover on Arts & Crafts' new collaborations compilation, X. Now, they have dropped a new single in advance of an upcoming full-length.

The single is called "Gay Goth Scene," and it's available to purchase on 7-inch. It comes backed with a four-track demo of the same song recorded in 2011. Interestingly, a product description notes that this will only be available in physical formats, so it's unlikely to leak onto the web just yet. The band have also been selling copies at recent shows.

Likewise, the song's music video has screened in various cities around the world but isn't available on the internet. It was shot in Berlin last winter by director Kai Stšnicke.

In an interview with The Grid TO, the band described "Gay Goth Scene" like this: "The song is in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending; was inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love; and describes a fictional 'scene' that only exists in the mind of the protagonist's paranoid parents. It's told from the perspective of a mother and father, chastising their teen son about his newfound romance.

The single comes from the band's forthcoming album, Age, which is due out this fall.

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