Here's 'Volume 2' of the 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 19, 2016

After recently sharing Volume 1 and revealing its live onstage debut, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have shared the second volume of their Stranger Things soundtrack.

Down below, you can dive right back into the Upside Down, with this volume packing in 39 tracks. Among them is also an extended version of the main theme — something that will no doubt please fans who have been hitting repeat on the mega-long fan-made version.

As previously reported, the first volume will come out on CD September 16, while the second is expected on September 23. A vinyl release is now also in the works, though the details have yet to be announced.

And if that wasn't already enough, S U R V I V E — Dixon and Stein's Austin-based synth group — will put out their RR7349 on September 30 via Relapse Records.

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