Here We Go Magic Spinoff TEEN Prep Debut LP

Here We Go Magic Spinoff TEEN Prep Debut LP
When Teeny Lieberson left Here We Go Magic, she went from one good thing to another by forming TEEN with her sisters Katherine and Lizzie, and friend Jane Herships. Now, the Brooklyn band have signed to Carpark Records and are gearing up to release their full-length debut, In Limbo, on August 28.

The 11-song collection was recorded in a Connecticut barn in 2011 with Here We Go Magic's Jen Turner serving as engineer. The results were then handed over to Spacemen 3 hero Sonic Boom for mixing.

According to a press release, the album "keeps the band grounded in their own world of psychedelia while heightening fidelity and giving songs the room to take shape." This apparently means pop-oriented tracks, along with more atmospheric, textural material.

Scroll past the tracklist to hear the single "Better," which is described as "a Suicide-esque march toward euphoria through repetition." It's a gorgeously pretty synth-driven tune with just a hit of wonkiness to keep things interesting.

Expect a U.S. tour in the fall. No word as to whether TEEN will play any Canadian shows.

In Limbo:

1. Better
2. Come Back
3. Charlie
4. Electric
5. Huh
6. In Limbo
7. Sleep is Noise
8. Unable
9. Why Why Why
10. Roses & Wine
11. Fire