TEEN's 5 Favourite Places in Halifax

BY Lizzie and Teeny LiebersonPublished Mar 22, 2019

Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine Lieberson are the sisters of TEEN, a Halifax-born, New York-based psych band. Their fourth album, Good Fruit, was released earlier this year on Carpark. Lizzie and Teeny shared some of their favourite hometown spots. Location photos by Richard Lann.

Makenew Curated Thrift Shop (2698 Agricola St.)

Makenew is a most beautiful north end store owned by our good friend Anna Gilkerson. She sells a combination of new pieces, vintage and her own AKG brand. Anna has been into sustainable, recyclable, eco-conscious clothing way before it way it was trendy. Our favourite pieces are her underwear and bralettes. They are seriously the most comfortable and flattering underwear you'll ever buy.

Independent Mercantile Co. (2091 Gottingen St.)

Really great housewares store owned by our friend Wendy Friedman. She has a few pieces of furniture, really nice kitchen stuff, barware, plants and much more. I always want to spend hours here making sure I see (and buy) everything.

Edna (2053 Gottingen St.)

I think this is the best restaurant in Halifax. They have the best cocktails and the food really is always delicious.

Point Pleasant Park (5530 Point Pleasant Dr.)

One of the best things about Halifax: a huge park filled with so many different trails weaving in and out of the woods and wide paths that run parallel to the ocean. It's really a beautiful park and a must see. Plus the park is always filled with so many doggies.

Long Lake

We grew up swimming in this lake — even when it's crowded, it doesn't feel like anybody is there. The water is perfect on a hot day. They have now also developed a running trail that is one of my favourite spots and it stays cool due to the abundance of shade-giving trees. Not sure what crowded feels like to a Haligonian, but to New Yorkers, it certainly feels like no one is around.

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