Herald Nix Soul of a Kiss

A long-time fixture in the British Columbian musical community — and a scandalously under-appreciated national treasure — country-blues artist Herald Nix returned to Vancouver from Salmon Arm in 2004 and resumed recording after a break of seven years. His release What A World thrilled fans and critics, who celebrated his comeback as they would the return of a long-lost hero. Apparently, those seven fallow years produced rich and fertile ground, for less than a year later Nix has released yet another superb full-length record. Soul of a Kiss is pure perfection, with its simple but mesmerising chord progressions and tender lyrical spirit. Occasionally striking a dark, foreboding tone, Nix works his guitar hard and wails his broken heart out, lamenting love affairs gone wrong. At other times, his voice, warm as melted butter, lubricates the strings of his battered instrument as he reminisces about the women who did right by him. Another gorgeous chapter in the intermittent career of Herald Nix. Glad to have you back, Mr. Nix. Sure hope you’re planning to stick around for a while. (Northern Electric)