Her Candane No Battle

A quarter cup of Refused, a tablespoon of the Bled and a pinch of He Is Legend sounds like the appropriate recipe for Salt Lake City’s next big thing in hardcore. Her Candane are a five-, sometimes six-piece who seem to be out to reincarnate strange time signatures in new age metal with No Battle. The songwriting on the ten-track CD is solid, with plenty of variations between their heavy metal/hardcore roots and their soft, ambient breakdowns ( "Party! in a Rocketship” and the acoustic-driven "Sawtooth Naggren”). Almost every song title on the CD makes the bands sense of humour quite apparent with titles like "Hurry Up and Die! (Cuz There’s a Party in Hell),” "Shang Tsung Wins!” and "Chevy Chase Is Good, But He’s No Bill Murray.” The band are talented and tight, the CD is very solid and Her Candane’s sound is a definite for fans of Misery Signals, the Bled and Fear Before the March Of Flames, who currently have ex-members of Her Candane in their line-up. (Tribunal)