Helena Hauff

Lex Tertia EP

BY Bryon HayesPublished Mar 27, 2015

Hamburg-based DJ and producer Helena Hauff drops platters regularly at that city's Golden Pudel club, and is well known for her idiosyncratic sets, which tend to feature industrial and noise-based sounds alongside an assortment of oddball techno-ish goodies. Her productions themselves also tend to shy away from traditional techno, often featuring grimy textures and chemically damaged synth lines propelled by unusual percussive patterns. All of this is set atop a relentless, throbbing bass drum pulse. 
Hers is club music for the weirdo set, an evocative mix of influences that seems to include power electronics and experimental industrial alongside mutant techno and electro. Lex Tertia, Hauff's second 12-inch for Ninja Tune and Werkdiscs, manages to delve deeper into the dark tunnel she explored with her debut, the intense and insanely listenable Actio Reactio. While her first EP left breathing room between the beats and the bass, Lex Tertia is a densely packed wall of dizzying sound, sure to drown dance floor revellers in its sheer immensity. Between her studio EPs, her fascinatingly weird mixtapes and her Black Sites project (in which she works alongside fellow Golden Pudel DJ F#x), Hauff is an incredibly busy producer; hopefully there will be a full-length outing in the not-too-distant future.
(Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)

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