Heems "Damn, Girl" (video)

Heems 'Damn, Girl' (video)
As we discovered a few months back, New York rapper Heems is trying to get some clarity on the status of a confusing relationship in his Eat, Pray, Thug ballad, "Damn, Girl." A new video for the song has him putting perspective on it all by poppin' and lockin' in an art gallery.

As you'll see down below, Heems is throwing down some moves at New York's Aicon Gallery, at which the artist recently curated a show that included work from Abdullah M. I. Syed, Pardon My Hindi and Aakash Nihalani. His fluid movements are placed amidst shots of him looking stone-faced into the camera to deliver crestfallen, AutoTuned lines to an on-again-off-again flame.

"This shit is the worst," he croons at one point. "You need to leave me the fuck alone."

You'll find the video, a mix of hot steppin' footwork and near-tears confessions, down below, where you'll also see Heems' upcoming summer tour dates.