Heck The Heck

The product of three Western Canadian prodigies, the Heck (Bryan Steeksma, Amanda Hamilton and Parker Bossley) play straight up rock’n’roll and make it sound like they’ve been doing it for decades. Though they claim a slew of influences, the classics like Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones are most evident in the Heck’s all-or-nothing style. The members are all under 20, but the three of them all had encounters with music at a young age and it shows. Steeksma started playing guitar when he was only four; multi-instrumentalist Hamilton started drumming when she was five; and Bossley has already clocked years of experience with his bass, and his strive to get technical is evident. As soon as this album kicks into gear it’s obvious that this trio are dead serious about their music but they do a damn good job of making every note get lost in the fun and abandonment that goes along with great music. And although the lyrics can fall a little thin in places, the songs are still automatically catchy. (Her Royal Majesty)