The Heavils The Heavils

The Heavils have released a good solid hard rock record on their self-titled debut. Traces of surf are in amongst the driving guitars (an ire version of that sound can be heard on "Undertow”). That odd surf sound is likely due in part to Mossy Vaughan and Brian Carter’s unique five stringed, fretless guitars. They call the instruments meanies and include guitar and bass strings on one body. The sound is similar to a very loose bass but also include twangy qualities. The contraptions were created by Carter who has created a number of other instruments out of odd materials including PVC piping, a toilet seat and wood. Needless to say the meanie has a huge affect on the Heavils’ unique sound. But the band has a lot to offer besides the freak factor. Lyrically the record screams a desire to reach the intelligent metal listener. The songs are sculpted with complex emotions and expressions. Hailing from Rockford, IL, the Heavils teamed up with producer Steve Albini, Joel Geist and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen’s son Miles. The outcome is an idiosyncratic album that I will highly recommend to my friends. (Metal Blade)