Heather Hunter The Unexpected

It’s damn near impossible to resist a smirk (or snicker) when reviewing a new hip-hop album from a well-known porn star. Heather Hunter ("Double H,” as she’s apparently known in the industry) is a "legendary” African-American porn star whose best days are long behind her and presents an album that, according to her bio, has been seven years in the making. But it’s not in the least bit surprising that The Unexpected is anything but a tired, retread hodgepodge of flyweight rhymes ("Chicks mad cuz I’m hot and they’re not”), predictable guest stars (Akinyele, Janet Jacme) and generally flaccid production. Not even having the backing of producers Scott Storch ("Don’t Stop Now”) and DJ Premier ("Freak Like Me”) can save this venture. Premier, in particular, should be hanging his head in shame over this one. So are Hunter’s mic skills as solid as her (ahem) other skills? In fairness, Hunter’s (doubled-up) vocals are passable, but that’s more an indictment of the current disposable style of mainstream hip-hop than any exemplary talent on her part. Hunter seems so genuinely earnest about the whole affair, but most of the stuff here is obviously ghost-written; joints like "Wassup” and the aforementioned DJ Premier joint are worth a second listen, but even that’s being charitable. Her album even comes with a DVD, but it’s actually just the music video for "So Serious” rather than a showcase of her core competency. Now that might have been a reason to pick up this album — or not. (Blo)