Hear the Week's Best New Canadian Music: Hannah Georgas, Zoon, DEBBY FRIDAY

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Apr 28, 2023

Guess what? It's gonna be May! But you have to get through a few more days of April before you bust out those seasonal NSYNC frosted tips — make the most of it with a soundtrack of the best new Canadian music.

Hannah Georgas has a room with a "Beautiful View," DEBBY FRIDAY gets remixed by Boy Harsher and, much like my sense of humour, Shania Twain is "Bone Dry" on one of the new bonus tracks from Queen of Me: Royal Edition.

With everyone clamouring to release before the end of the month, it's a big week for album releases. We have new full-lengths from Zoon (Bekka Ma'iingan), Harrison (Birds, Bees, the Clouds & the Trees), Single Mothers (Roy) and Tunic (Wrong Dream).

Elsewhere, Fast Romantics contemplate happiness and Prince Josh reprises his glory, while Finger Eleven hope to do the same on their forthcoming greatest hits collection. Michaela Slinger nonchalantly finds love, Colter Wall covers Hoyt Axton, and Noble Oak knows places.

All that and plenty more to come (what may) with The Eh! List below, presented by Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters — all Canadian and proud of it!


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