Hear Koyo's Love Letter to Long Island's Emo-Tinged Melodic Hardcore

The 'Painting Words into Lines' EP takes influence from Taking Back Sunday, Crime in Stereo, Title Fight and Lifetime

BY Connor AtkinsonPublished Mar 10, 2020

With members of Typecaste, Rain of Salvation, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Hangman and Adrenaline in their lineup, Koyo are an innovative melodic hardcore act compromised of life-long friends and veteran contributors to Long Island's music scene. Exclaim! has the first taste of their debut effort Painting Words into Lines, slated for digital release on March 14.

The EP serves as a passion-fuelled nod to the emo and rock acts who burst through Long Island's music scene at the beginning of the millennium. From the hectic shared vocals concluding "Dreaming in a Wasteland" to the soaring harmonies of "Heaven So Heavy," it's evident these musicians are Long Island through and through. The five songs are sure to quench the thirst those yearning for the nostalgia of Taking Back Sunday, Crime in Stereo, and even neighbouring Pennsylvania's Title Fight or New Jersey's Lifetime.

Vocalist Joey Chiaramonte outlines the sincere vision of Koyo via a statement to Exclaim!:

Painting Words into Lines is our love letter to Long Island music that shaped our entire lives. We all grew up on bands from Long Island that have deep-seated roots in hardcore. We want to continue that tradition as best we can. This is real music about real experiences, and we hope it's as cathartic for listeners as it was for us to bring it all together.

You can hear this wonderful labour of love in the player below.

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